hps 2020 competition seascape

Voting has ended and the winners are colour,

First no.18-Mike Pill 

Second no.17-Dave Newby

Third  no.16 Barry Quatermass

fourth no.10-Gary Evans

 fifth no.15-Dave Newby

Thank you to all who took part 

no.18-Sea defences near Leasowe
no17-light strikes
no16-Celestial Dawn
no.10-Sunset on the Moorings


First no. 32-Barry Quatermass

Second no.31-Dave Newby

Third  no.33-Dave King

fourth no.27 Heather Cawley

 fifth no.30-Barry Quatermass

no.32-Fleetwood Wreck
no.31-follow the link
no.27-Fort Perch Lighthouse
no.30-Rotting Hulls

congratulations to all the winners

no.1-Windfarm Sundown.
no.2-Foreign Shoresno.
no.3-Sunset Calm
no.4-A beach with a view
no.6-Last Light
no.7-Beach Patterns.
no.8-.Fun by the sea
no.9-Rush of water
no.11-slippery and slimey
no12-Hilbre Kitesurfer
no14-Tides going out
no.19-Parkgate and the tides outdo.
no.20-Seascape 1
no.21-Fort Perch Lighthouse.
no.22-High and Dry
no.23-the lone swimmer.
no24-adrift at sea
no.26-waiting for the boats
no.28-THE JETTY ( MONO )
no.29-Sunrise Meols.
no.34-Liverpool Bay – Copy
no.35-Seascape Monochrome
no.36-sleepers of yester year bw
no.37-Rider in the storm
No.38-Summer on the beach

Thank you to all who took part