HPS 2020 competitions

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HPS 2020 competitions

Five set subjects every two weeks.

you can enter three images in each competition.

There will be 2 sections  monochrome and colour. 

2 and 1  your choice.

Every picture needs a title.

All the images will be put onto my website davenewbyphotos.co.uk

Competition No.1 Subject ( Open ) entries must be in by 5pm 10 July 2020

Competition No.2 Subject ( Food ) entries must be in by 5pm 24 July 2020

Competition No.3 Subject ( Movement ) entries must be in by 5pm 7 August 2020

Competition No.4 Subject ( Seascape ) entries must be in by 5pm 21 August 2020

Competition No.5 Subject ( Macro ) entries must be in by 5pm 4 September 2020

Only pictures taken after June 1/ 2020 can be entered.

Image must be 1600×1200 pixels

email to:davenewby@heswallphotosoc.co.uk 

I will reply back to you confirming received images.

Each competition closes at 5 pm on the above date.

How to vote use the title below the picture,

You will be voting twice monochrome & colour,

please don’t vote for your own Image,

 you have five votes, no.1 first place 2 /3 /4/5/

Your votes must be in by 5pm Sunday,

Send your vote to 


The winners will be announced Sunday 9pm.

and the next set subject will begin .