Hilly 22 tt Broxton 2nd April 2021

the event organisers are Birkenhead North end cycle club.

Time trial in Broxton Cheshire 22 mile circuit.

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Prices are below images,

Prices are as follows.

Images cost £3 for the first photo.

£1.50 each for any other additional images. 

Please Use the number below on the image to identify it,

Please send me your email address and payment is to be made via paypal using the option of Friends and Family sent to my email address which is davenewby2@gmail.com

High quality Printed prices are as follows , 

12″x12″ £15__15″x10″ £17 __16″x12″ £19__20″x20″ £22

Please note these are approximate sizes,

you are paying for the paper size,

for instance a picture 16″x11″ will still cost £17.

 Whether you order 1 or 10 the Postage is £5,

it will be posted in a cardboard box or tube.

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